Supporting a small business is easy, and worth it

It’s important to consider small businesses for your shopping expenses. We’re not ashamed to say it...

How to support the rising tide of Gen Z small business owners

The youngest generation entering the workforce, Gen Z are digital natives through and through, and their creativity, passion for justice, and digital know-how are changing what it means to be a small business owner.  Despite their age (the oldest Gen Z-ers are just 24), they’re serious about money and financial matters, disabused of the value […]

Used to being overlooked, Gen X small business owners need to be seen

Generation X may have been dismissed as the “slacker generation” by the boomers who came before them, but today, Gen X-ers have grown up, grown responsible, and grown into a significant force in the small business world.  Gen X-ers own the most small businesses at 46%, far more than millennials, and their relative share is […]

Meet your post-COVID employees – Things have definitely changed

“Work life” today is like living inside a snow globe. Someone picked up our normal work-life balance and gave it a good shake, and we’re still waiting for everything to settle again...

Boomers be booming: Why older cohorts of solopreneurs aren’t done yet

When most people think of a freelancer or an independent small business owner, they usually imagine younger people who don’t want to be part of the rat race and/or middle-aged people following their dreams. Many people don’t realize just how many gig workers, solopreneurs, and local entrepreneurs are in their 60s to 80s...

Authenticity is not a bug; it’s a feature

There’s a mythical Super Businessperson who is strong, determined, and independent. They can do it all… alone...

Celebrating a decade of excellence!

Back in 2010 two trailblazers had a shared vision that small business owners deserved better ways to do business. This spark of genius and passion for driving change led them to join forces and give life to the company that we know and love today, vcita...

How to cope with imposter syndrome

Imposter syndrome can affect any one of us at any time, and that goes for business owners too. There are no exceptions. With these tips, you can learn how to identify the signs and overcome the suffering keeping you from reaching your full potential.

5 business lessons we learned from Star Wars

Star Wars has taught us important lessons about fighting for justice, finding our destinies, and staying away from the "dark side", but if you look closely, you'll find that the popular sci-fi franchise offers a few valuable lessons about running a business too.

Scaling new heights! vcita is joining Mastercard’s Start Path program

We just joined Mastercard Start Path's award-winning engagement program! Read the behind the scenes story from our very own CBDO, Adi Engel.

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